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Frequently Asked Questions – Chefs

What is Affinity Chef?

Affinity Chef is the private chef portal where Guests can find the chef who has the greatest affinity with them, verifying the chef’s personality traits obtained with the Big Five Personality Test.

How does Affinity Chef work for Chefs?

If you are a chef and want to be listed on the website, you must take the Big Five Test here.
Save the link to your results page, you will need it during the registration on the Affinity Chef website.
You then need to register and supply all the requested information including the About Me section.
After you register, you will proceed to add one or more listings (i.e. private chef service, cooking class, etc.).

You also have a dashboard on which you can monitor every aspect, including active and pending listings, booking requests, reviews, availability calendar, etc.

What are the fees to add listings?

There’s a free package that is available for the first 3 months without the need for a credit card, to let you test the Affinity Chef website. There are two other paid annual plans.
Based on the plan that you have subscribed to, you will be allowed to insert one or more listings for your services, that will be available on the Affinity Chef website for a defined period.

What information is most important when adding a listing?

Since we rely on Google and other search engines to show up in the search results, you should insert the keywords that you think people are searching for, mainly in the Listing Title and in the Details Description.
You should also insert, as the last paragraph of the Details Description, the cancellation policies that you apply to your service.
For cooking classes see this listing as an example
For private chef services see this listing as an example

How can I define the listing availability?

The Chef can mark the dates, on which he/she’s not available, in the availability calendar.
Furthermore, the Chef can define if the listing service
1. is available in specified time slots or
2. The guest can freely choose the time he/she prefers.
The first method can be used for example for cooking classes that take place at a specific time, the second method for example can be used for private chef services.

How does the booking process work?

The Chef can add a listing and accept bookings with two different options:
1. the request booking feature
2. the instant booking feature
With the request booking option, the chef will receive an email request with the reservation details and he/she has to approve or reject it manually. The guest receives an email once the booking is approved or rejected.
With the instant booking option, when the guest inserts the booking, an immediate confirmation is sent and the Chef receives an email about the new booking.

The Chef can also decide not to manage reservations on Affinity Chef but simply to receive service requests by email from the Guest, and then manage reservations manually in an external system.

Can I import/export calendars?

Yes, you can export your calendar via the iCal link to other platforms.
If you want to import a calendar, remember that the import Ical function only imports full-day events and marks the corresponding date as unavailable.
Pay attention that if you have more than one listing, you have one calendar for each listing.
You can then export to a common external calendar, such as a Google calendar, to have a comprehensive view of all the bookings for different listings.